I’m a big believer in food being a fun, delicious, and enjoyable part of life. Succumbing to fad diets, unnecessary restrictions, and feelings of guilt in relation to what we eat is no way to live. Unfortunately, many of us do live this way, and, as a result, we end up feeling unhappy about our bodies and ourselves.

I am no stranger to these common pitfalls. I have gone to extreme lengths to try to reach a certain body type or weight I believed to be acceptable. However, over the past several years, I have gradually developed a dietary strategy that has freed me from all of these miserable, life-draining practices. The changes were fundamentally quite simple: I cut out meat and poultry completely, and cut way back on dairy products. If I were to be put into a specific category, one would classify my eating habits as pescatarian (a vegetarian who eats fish/seafood). Another important change I’ve made is a greater focus on consuming more vegetables and beans. Each of these dietary changes were made based on what I have learned about optimal nutrition as I have been studying to become a registered dietitian.

Eating this way has brought me peace of mind, better overall nutrition, and an easy-to-maintain slimmer waistline. Much of my culinary inspiration is derived from other vegetarian and vegan cooks and chefs. While I greatly respect the principals and practices of a completely vegan diet, I have found that–for me–just a hint of dairy and fish/seafood here and there is where I feel most satisfied. At least for now πŸ™‚

Tinkering with recipes to improve their overall nutrition is one of my favorite hobbies, and this blog is where I plan to display all of my post-worthy creations/recipes. I look forward to sharing these with you all!



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